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Vitamin V

Product Design


Vitamin V brand logo- derived from hand-carved linoleum block print.


Vitamin V is brand founded on the opportunity to break from cohesive competition and provide a brand that appeals to millennial men ages 21-27. The primary target audience is less likely to consistently buy and take vitamins, and typically make quick, sometimes impulsive, decisions.

Vitamin V capitalizes on the impulsive nature of this audience, maintaining a non-traditional form of vitamin product with eye-catching package that incorporates snake visuals and reference. The tone of the packaging design and accompanying advertisement elements include- unexpected, edgy, and bold.


The product is used for immunity boosting at the first sign of sickness and is taken in the hope to “strike back” at what is ailing the consumer. The method of use for each product is inspired by a venomous snake or a common practice performed with them. The unique packaging paired with related product usage, provides a strong based for a barrier-breaking product. According to Stastica, purchases of vitamins is expected to expand by around one billion dollars per year, as indicated by past and current purchasing trends. Providing Vitamin V ample opportunity to enter the market and profit. This is made possible with the success of its package design and advertisements. Advertisements for Vitamin V are in both print and digital format, to reach the greatest possible audience and thus create expanded profit potential.

Puncturable seal on all bottles- refers to the snake milking process


Single-serving vitamin shot. Can be purchased individually or as a package of eight.

Box of eight single-serving vitamin shots

Merchandise design


Merchandise design

Digital advertising example via Instagram