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Stok Cold Brew Coffee

Advertising Design


Full-page magazine advertisement example


SToK Cold Brew Coffee has a strong brand identity but lacks brand awareness. With strong, well-established competition, it is imperative that they break through traditional advertisement styles to reach their primary target audience- men and women ages 18-24.

According to the National Coffee Association, between 2008 and 2016, past-day consumption of gourmet coffee beverages soared from 13% to 36% among 18-24 year olds and from 19% to 41% for those 25-39 [SToK’s secondary audience] . This group idealizes humor and originality, so the ad campaign reflects these ideals.


The advertisements have a wide-variety of possibilities, but remain consistent with placement, size-relationships, and type treatment. The ads celebrate diversity and individuality in a unique manner that does not directly correlate with one specific type of individual. These advertisements are used in traditional magazine advertisements, as well as bus stops and billboards. However, to best increase brand exposure, interactive physical media is also incorporated on university campuses, which then link with social media platforms. The social media platforms are where SToK is expected to see the largest surge of interest, but all campaign aspects are necessary components to reach the target audience and achieve the desired result.

Indoor mall billboard advertisement

Example of curated Instagram account with emphasis on follower engagement.


Bus stop advertisement