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Dino Divide



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Dino Divide is an application designed for its target audience- ten year old boys in the fifth grade who either have no interest in math or struggle with it. This application uses archeoglogy and dinosaurs to teach math topics taught in the fifth grade. The secondary target audience, teachers, would use the application in the classroom to help track the progress and understanding of their students in certain math categories, which then enables the teacher to become aware of subjects that need to be retaught before moving onto the next grade level.

Fifth grade math lessons are the building blocks for success in math the years to come, making Dino Divide an instrumental learning aid for all studnets. According to education.com, “Students who have problems learning mathematics or fail to meet grade-level standards are usually identified between third and fifth grade.” Dino Divide is designed to aid these kids in the learning process of new mathematics concpts, while removing the stressful components by pairing it with archeological digs and dinosaur battles.


Warm-up math problem example

App as would be displayed on a tablet.


Complimentary activity kit, intended for classroom use. Engages tactile learners and further connects science with math.

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