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Three featured monster characters named Mary, Milo, and Monty.



Shine is an oral care company with the primary target audience of children ages 7 to 12. These children have enough cognitive awareness to know how to brush their teeth, yet still desire a unique, playfully designed toothbrush. According to the CDC, one in five children have at least one untreated decayed tooth, a statistic that could be eliminated with the increased interest in and establishment of effective oral care habits.

To effectively launch a connection with the target audience, the products maintain a playful and unique flashlight packaging design with accompanying monster characters to differentiate it from the competition. The color pallet effectively makes use of analogous cool colors with bright tonality, further differentiating it from the competition. The style of the brand is maintained within the brand identity and website. 

Flashlight shaped packaging design, featuring transparent tops and bottoms.


Mini-game from Shine’s website for children to further interact with the product. Access code found within packaging.

However, to appeal to the secondary target audience, parents ages 30 to 35, a more professional tone is incorporated to establish brand trust. The establishment of a refined brand identity primarily involves the redesign of their current logo and accompanying business cards and letterheads. The website combines the playful aspects of the brand with the professional tone for the secondary user. It features a home page with accompanying about, products and contact page. The overall site focuses primarily on user experience while maintaining key educational information.


Website home page banner

Website home page links and pop-up coupon