Heather Snyder Design

Ancient City Soccer Club

Branding and Merchandise Design


New identity defined for Ancient City Soccer Club (ACSC)


Ancient City Soccer Club is a well-established non-profit soccer club based in St. Augustine. The primary audience is children ages 7 to 15; however, the proposed redesign is aimed at men age 45-50, who own a profitable business.

According to the Color Marketing Group, a professional organization in Alexandria, Va. for color designers, consumer purchases are primarily based on color and can influence a decision by over 85%. For this reason, in the redesign, color plays an important role in the professional yet energetic image that ACSC projects.


The new brand identity, along with merchandise and sponsorship brochure, are designed to ensure maximum profit and benefit in both primary and secondary target audiences. The brand identity provides a fresh, recognizable image for Ancient City Soccer Club to build community awareness and interest.

Following is merchandise inspired by the new and improved brand identity, which will aid in creating ACSC’s cohesive image and expand its fan base. The sponsorship brochure, for the secondary target audience, provides a variety of necessary information and forms, while appealing to the individual’s emotions through the use of images and a personalized thank you. The color palette is warm and friendly with its use of yellow, professional and trustworthy through the use of blue, and highlights ACSC’s motivating factor- growth- through the use of green. The redesign will allow Ancient City Soccer Club to make a lasting impression in a highly-saturated market.

Updated and modernized uniform design.

Poster found within sponsorship brochure

Form for possible sponsors to complete and send back.

Sponsorship brochure with information on the programs ACSC offers.